The Podcast Advertising Summit

The Podcast Advertising Summit champions podcasting as an important media and advertising channel, and shines a light on the great work happening in this space. The event exists to educate marketers and agencies on the benefits of using podcasts for both advertising and branded content.

Thank you to all our speakers, partners and attendees for making Podcast Advertising Summit 2024 such a massive success!

2024 speakers

A Note from the editor

Adam Shepherd, Editor, PodPod

The Podcast Advertising Summit is the go-to event for brands and agencies seeking vibrant, engaged audiences in the rapidly growing podcasting medium. In a one-day program, discover how podcasting meets advertisers' needs for impact, reach, and authenticity while ensuring brand safety and maximizing campaign value. Learn from brand case studies, get guidance on integrating podcasts into your media mix, and explore advancements in adtech that make podcast advertising more efficient than ever. Whether you're already involved or considering entry, this conference highlights why podcasting is a crucial brand channel in 2024.

Why should you attend?

Hear case study insights and practical takeaways from brands utilising the power of podcast advertising

Network with fellow professionals within the podcast advertising space to create and build authentic connections

Discover what developments in podcast advertising are on the horizon, and how you can stay ahead of the game

Key Themes

Highlighting the potential of podcast advertising and why you need to be investing in the space

Understanding what makes powerful podcast advertising to enable you to stand out from the crowd

Aligning with the right podcast for your brand to tap into and speak authentically to your key audiences 

Curating branded podcasts that resonate with with your audience whilst promoting your brand image and values

Thank you to our 2024 partners

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