Adam Shepherd

Editor, PodPod

After starting his career in enterprise IT journalism, Adam Shepherd made the jump to the world of podcasting, tackling the thorny issues facing the sector’s growth as a serious industry. As editor of PodPod, Adam is in charge of managing PodPod’s editorial content strategy.  As a podcaster himself, Adam is passionate about solving the challenges they have to deal with, including how to get the perfect acoustic setup, where to advertise your podcast, and what makes a successful show. He enjoys history, interview and comedy podcasts, and feels a constant sense of low-level guilt for not listening to more enriching, high-brow shows. As well as listening to countless podcast episodes, Adam has been both a podcast host and managed multiple projects setting up podcast networks. When he’s not knee-deep in waveforms and microphones, Adam is often found spending too much time on Twitter, over-analysing cult films and perfecting his chilli recipe.